Do you find yourself with excess inventory?

We excel at achieving the highest recovery rates across the continent. Our streamlined liquidation process ensures a swift and efficient turnaround while maximizing your revenue. We collaborate with numerous major retailers to help them reclaim capital from surplus stock and customer returns.

We're prepared to establish partnerships with retailers of all sizes to assist you in clearing surplus inventory, recouping funds, and allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities.

Octo can help you with:

  1. Seasonal Excess Stock: Items that are no longer in demand due to seasonality, such as winter clothing in the summer.

  2. Overproduction Excess Stock: Products that were manufactured in larger quantities than needed.

  3. End-of-Life Products: Items that are nearing their expiration date or becoming obsolete.

  4. Damaged or Defective Goods: Products that have been damaged during transit or found to have manufacturing defects.

  5. Customer Returns: Items returned by customers for various reasons, such as wrong size, colour, or dissatisfaction with the product.

  6. Discontinued Products: Merchandise that is no longer part of the company's product line.

  7. Packaging Changes: Items with outdated packaging or l that do not align with the current branding.

  8. Excess Raw Materials: Unused materials or components that were purchased for production but not fully utilized.

  9. Overstock Due to Forecast Errors: Inventory that was purchased or produced in excess of actual demand.

  10. Promotional Overstock: Products that were purchased for a specific promotion or marketing campaign but were not entirely used.

  11. Slow-Moving Inventory: Products that have been on the shelves for an extended period without selling as expected.

  12. Returned Merchandise from Retailers: Items returned by retailers to suppliers due to various reasons, including overordering or discontinued shelf space.

  13. Surplus Equipment or Machinery: Unused or outdated machinery, equipment, or technology.

  14. Excess Spare Parts: Spare parts for machinery or equipment that are no longer needed or in demand.

  15. Excess Office Supplies: Unused office supplies, stationery, or equipment.

  16. Overstocked Perishables: Perishable goods like food or flowers that have not sold before their expiration date.

  17. Obsolete Technology: Outdated technology products or components.

  18. Clearance Items: Products marked down for clearance to make space for new inventory.

  19. Unsold Event Merchandise: Items created for specific events or occasions that were not entirely sold during the event.

  20. Supplier Returns: Goods returned by suppliers or manufacturers due to various reasons, including quality issues.


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